Support policy

For the free version of Visual Composer Website Builder, we offer support only for bugs and plugin or theme conflicts. Support is provided through our channels and on a best-effort basis. Our Help Center is available to everyone and free of charge.

Pre-support actions

Before asking your question, please make sure you have read the documentation provided and searched the answer within our Help Center, as some of the questions may be already covered within this resource.

What can you expect from our support?

There are certain things that you can expect from our Help Center:

  • To get official support reply ticket should be opened with us
  • We always have bug-related and technical support in priority
  • We are happy to receive proposals and ideas

What can you not expect from our support?

There are certain things that are out of scope and will not be handled by our team:

  • Generic WordPress questions
  • Issues related to third-party plugins or themes
  • Customization requests
  • Any tickets that contain abuse or violence

With leaving your e-mail you agree to receive promotional e-mails and newsletters from the Visual Composer Team. Thank you for finding time to read this policy and remember that we are here to help you out.

This support policy was last modified on 12/20/2021.