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License management

My Visual Composer can be used to manage the purchased license. To login into My Visual Composer, use the account credentials created during the time of license purchase.

Once logged in, you can view the license key, copy it for license activation, or deactivate the license if you are moving the site from one domain to another. You can also view the domain on which the license is currently active.

To see your license key, click on the "Key" icon.

The subscription section provides an opportunity to upgrade the license to a higher plan if you plan on increasing the number of sites.

View of My Visual Composer Account

Visual Composer Website Builder comes in free and premium versions. The free version is completely and forever free. You can download the free version from the official site.

The premium version is available in six subscription plans and you can choose the one that suits your business model. The plans vary depending upon the number of websites:

  • Single: Limited to its use on one website.
  • Plus: Can be used on up to five websites.
  • Accelerate: Allows usage on up to 20 websites.
  • Agency: Can be used on up to 1000 websites.
  • Lifetime Plan: The license purchased under this is valid for a lifetime and there is no subscription cost on yearly basis. The support is available for 2 years with an option to extend it.

More details of the subscription plans can be checked on the pricing page.

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