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Visual Composer Website Builder integrates fully with TranslatePress plugin to create multi-lingual sites. Using it, you can translate any Visual Composer element or template instantly from the frontend. The language switcher element available in the hub makes it easier for a website visitor to switch languages.

Once the TranslatePress plugin is installed, navigate to Settings - TranslatePress and add the required language.

Translating the Page:
To translate a page, click on the Translate Page option in the top bar while viewing the page:

Translate Page Option in WordPress Top Bar

This will open the translation interface on left. We can now hover onto the respective element on right and select the translate option next to it:

On Page Translation Option

In the interface on left, we now see an option to add a corresponding translation for it:

Interface to Translate a Page in TranslatePress

This is also applicable to the image elements where you can set different images based on the language. Once the translations are added, save the change.

Adding a Language Switcher:
To add a language switcher, download the TranslatePress Language Switcher element from the Visual Composer Hub and add it onto the page:

TranslatePress element of Visual Composer

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