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What is Visual Composer Hub?

The Visual Composer Hub is a cloud library of elements, templates, blocks, addons, and stock images.

You can download the content from the Hub and use it for building websites in Visual Composer. The content of the Hub ranges from a simple text block element to full page templates.

Based on your license (free or premium) you can access part or all content of the Hub. A user with a premium license has access to over 500+ assets and extended design options.

Visual Composer Hub for WordPress

How to access Visual Composer Hub?

The Visual Composer Hub can be accessed in the following two ways:

  1. Navigate to the Visual Composer menu under the WordPress dashboard and select Visual Composer Hub.
    Access Visual Composer Hub from Dashboard
  2. In the Visual Composer editor, click on the Hub icon from the navigation bar. Opening Hub from the editor is handy since you can instantly download and add content to the page.
    Access Visual Composer from Navigation bar

Visual Composer Hub content

The Visual Composer Hub consists of:

While the premium license has access to all 500+ Visual Composer Hub assets, the free version has limitations to 40+ elements and templates.

How to download content from the Visual Composer Hub?

To download the assets from the Visual Composer, hover over the element or template and click on the download icon.

Downloading a Premium Element

To sort out free and premium elements, you can use the Hub menu located at the top. Just hover over each section (elements, templates, blocks, addons, etc.) and select either free or premium from the dropdown.

All downloaded elements and templates will appear in your Add Content window, which you can find under the '+' sign in the navigation bar.

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