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How to create a sitewide sidebar in Visual Composer?

With Visual Composer Website Builder, you can have a sitewide sidebar that will show across your website.

It's very easy to create a sitewide sidebar, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a new layout in Layout Builder.
  2. In the content area row, make sure you add another column for the sidebar column
  3. You can divide it by 80% content area, 20% sidebar or vice versa depending on you want the right sidebar or left sidebar.
    Divide the custom row layout fore creating sidebar
  4. After that, you can fill in anything on the sidebar column, such as an image, your ads, or something else. 
  5. If you have done editing the layout, you can publish, and make sure to apply it on post/ page/ custom post type. 
  6. That's it.

Another method that you can use is by using the sidebar menu. 

You can create a sidebar on it, and if you want to display it, make sure you choose the layout that has a sidebar on it, then you can select the sidebar that you wanted. 

Choose the layout that has sidebar


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