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Design Options

Design Options are powerful design controls available to all Visual Composer elements and page options.

In Visual Composer, there are three types of Design Options:

  • Page design options
  • Container (row, column, section) design options
  • Element design options

You can use design options to:

  • Control element margins, paddings, borders, and border-radius
  • Apply background images, slideshows, gradient color, and videos
  • Add element CSS animation (container only)
  • Apply parallax effects, box-shadow, dividers, and make elements sticky (container only)

For page design options and element design options, it can control element margin, padding, border, radius, and also apply background image or color. 

Visual Composer page and post design options

While container design options offer more features for customization (ex. parallax, box shadow, dividers, and also sticky.

Design option for container

To access page design options (including Layout Builder), open page options and switch to the Design Options tab. While container & element design option is in the Design tab.

Responsive design options

Visual Composer allows applying design options per device type.

This means you can optimize your design for specific devices to ensure high speed and better usability.

Row design options and responsive controls

To modify design options per device, select "Custom" in the Device type dropdown (located at the top of Design Options).

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